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When I was a kid, the best presents always had batteries. Cool things are being done in #energystorage. “Bringing Battery Storage Power to the Imperial Irrigation District”

Did you know? 'Wind turbine technician' is the 2nd fastest growing #career in the United States! Employment opportunities in the wind tech field are projected to grow 68% by 2030 as demand for clean, affordable #energy increases. #CleanEnergy #Jobs.

This 👇 is the sort of commitment that onshores jobs & investment. "Several large U.S. solar developers announced a new coalition to buy up to $6B in made-in-America panels, in a move that could more than double the country’s panel-manufacturing capacity.

In 3 yrs this #solar installation at a high school in Arkansas turned the district budget from a $250K deficit to a $1.8 million surplus. They're using the surplus to increase teacher salaries.

We have the solutions. Implement them. #ActOnClimate

#climate #energy #renewables

The growth of #BatteryStorage jumped 173% in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the previous year. Battery storage increases the reliaiblity of the power grid and helps to lower #electricity costs by storing afforable #energy produced by wind and solar for later use.

Want to know where the best homegrown, clean, reliable and low-cost wind is located? #Kansas Outstanding map US EIA!

#Renewables are bailing us out," said an energy expert & UT professor. "They're rocking. That really spares us a lot of heartache and a lot of money."
TX, like #kansas has a growing fleet zero-carbon electricity sources -wind, solar & nuclear.

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