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Wonky post, but #transmission is the backbone of our electric grid and must be invested in regularly. These are the highways and byways for our electrons. Investing in transmission brings greater reliability and lower rates.

Long Beach boasts the 2nd busiest container point in the entire US. Did you know it will soon be powered by a solar+storage microgrid? Let's continue to support grid resilience projects, @SenFeinstein @SenAlexPadilla @RepLowenthal #EnergyTwitter

🇳🇬Nigeria, 🇸🇳Senegal and 🇷🇼Rwanda lead the way in renewable energy and ⚡electrification in #Africa. Investing $40 billion/year until 2030 is the 1️⃣st step to end energy poverty, says @DamilolaSDG7
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As a regulated utility, Evergy maintains required power production capacity levels, which means our customers and communities will have enough power, even during peak demand.

National Grid Joint Venture Secures $150 Million Portfolio Revolving Facility to Advance Multiple U.S. Renewable Energy Projects - Yahoo Finance

Our nation needs a healthy economy & healthier communities, and that starts with #CleanEnergyJobs & investments. Lots of hard work to do, but the bipartisan group of Senators needs to come together to pass the infrastructure bill. This is step one of #BuildBackBetter @POTUS

A land lease with a solar energy development means a farmer or rancher will receive another steady income stream that helps offset the ever-changing grain and cattle markets. #CleanEnergy #SolarEnergy #Solar #Renewables #RenewableEnergy #Farming #Agriculture

#BatteryStorage is the energy game changer. DOE wants to drive down the cost of long-duration storage 90% below the cost of today’s lithium-ion batteries by 2030.

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