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Wind Energy

Wind Projects in Kansas

  • 41.4% of Kansas power in 2019 came from Kansas wind
  • State rank for share of electricity – 2nd
  • Installed wind capacity: 6,812 MW
  • State rank for installed wind capacity: 4th
  • Wind projects online: 41
  • Number of active wind turbines: more than 3,500
  • Wind projects under construction: 5
  • Wind capacity under construction: 801 MW

Kansas Wind Energy Over Time

Kansas Energy Generation Mix

Current Wind Generation

From January 2019 – December 2019, wind energy provided 41.4% of all in-state electricity production.

  • Number of homes powered by wind in 2019: 1,972,600 (Source: ACP)

Wind Generation Potential

With current technology, wind power is capable of meeting more than ninety times the state’s current electricity needs. (Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL))

  • Land based technical wind potential at 80 meters (m) hub height: 506,182 MW (Source: AWS Truepower, NREL

Environmental Benefits

Generating wind power creates no emissions and uses virtually no water. (Source: AC{)

  • 2019 annual state water consumption savings: 4.4 billion gallons
  • 2019 equivalent number of water bottles saved: 40 billion
  • 2019 annual state carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions avoided: 8.2 million metric tons
  • 2019 equivalent cars’ worth of emissions avoided: 1.7 million

Water Savings Rising Sharply

Wind Energy Corporate Purchasers

Why Companies are Turning to Wind Power

Reasons for falling wind costs include

  • Economies of scale (turbines, companies)
  • Technology accessing higher winds
  • Optimized siting
  • Predictive O&M
  • More transmission
  • U.S. manufacturing
  • Enhanced forecasting
  • Stable federal & state policies

Wind Energy

Spirit has entered into an agreement with Evergy, our energy supplier for th Wichita, Kansas facility, to purchase all of its energy from renewable wind-powered sources as soon as those sources are made available. A major source of wind power Spirit will consume will be from the Flat Ridge 3 wind farm, which will be located near Kingman, Kansas, about 50 miles west of our facilities in Wichita. This wind farm is expected to generate about 128 MW of power once the project is complete in early 2021.

At that time, Spirits’s entire 12 million square foot facility in Wichita will be fully powered by wind.

Annual Wind Speed 80m

Annual Average Wind Speed at 100m

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