How Wind Energy Works

Standing at least 80 meters tall, tubular steel towers support a hub with three attached blades and a “nacelle,” which houses the shaft, gearbox, generator and controls. Wind measurements are collected to automatically rotate the turbine to face the strongest wind and angle or "pitch" its blades to optimize the energy captured.

Jobs & Manufacturing

An investment in wind power in Kansas is an investment in jobs across the state, including jobs in operations, maintenance, construction, manufacturing and many support sectors. In addition, wind projects produce lease payments for landowners and significant community investments for the life of the wind farm.

Kansas Wind Energy

Wind energy has infused nearly $10 billion in private investment into Kansas and created 6,000 new direct industry jobs and thousands of new indirect jobs. Kansas has more than 5,000 megawatts of installed and operating wind power capacity online.


Kansas has created a very stable investment environment and the outcome has been positive for Kansas with nearly $10 billion in private investment and thousands of new jobs across the state.

News & Media

Wind power in Kansas is regularly in the news and reported on in local, regional, national media outlets and energy industry publications.

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