About Wind Energy in Kansas

Wind Projects in Kansas

  • Installed wind capacity: 4,651 MW
  • State rank for installed wind capacity: 5th
  • Wind projects online: 34
  • Wind projects under construction: 2
  • Wind capacity under construction: 459 MW
  • Publicly announced wind farms in advanced development: 100-300 MW for export to Missouri, contingent on approval, construction, and operation of the Grain Belt Express high-voltage DC transmission line.
  • Wind Projects Operational and Under Construction in Kansas

Current Wind Generation in Kansas

From February 2016 through January 2017, wind energy provided 30.0% of all in-state electricity production.

  • Number of homes powered by wind in 2016: 1.3 million (Source: AWEA)

Wind Generation Potential in Kansas

With current technology, wind power is capable of meeting more than ninety times the state’s current electricity needs. (Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

  • Land based technical wind potential at 80 meters (m) hub height: 884,359 MW
  • Land based technical wind potential at 110 meters (m) hub height: 485,889 MW

Kansas Wind Energy Environmental Benefits

Generating wind power creates no emissions and uses virtually no water. (Source: AWEA)

  • 2016 annual state water consumption savings: 3.6 billion gallons
  • 2016 equivalent number of water bottles saved: 27.2 billion
  • 2016 annual state carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions avoided: 6.4 million metric tons
  • 2016 equivalent cars' worth of emissions avoided: 1.4 million

Water Savings Rising Sharply

Wind Energy Corporate Purchasers

65 Corporations are Committed to Going 100% Renewable

Why Companies Are Turning to Wind Power

Reasons for falling wind costs include

  • Economies of scale (turbines, companies)
  • Technology accessing higher winds
  • Optimized siting
  • Predictive O&M
  • More transmission
  • U.S. manufacturing
  • Policies more predictable

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